A minimum stay is required. All visiting teams and/or event participants are required to stay only at Stay2Play hotel properties and rates listed on the Stay2Play Online portal for each selected property and event in order to participate in the event. No other booking sites, discounts, points awards, special rates or programs, regardless of how obtained, will be accepted.

All visiting teams and/or event participants are required to secure Stay2Play Hotel accommodations by the booking deadline that is set, approximately 2-weeks prior to the start of the tournamentListed rates, hotel contact information and booking links (unless hotel property is accepting bookings via phone/hotel contact only) are provided by each individual property.  Room types are not guaranteed and provided at the discretion of the individual property.  All rooms/room types are subject to availability.

Stay2Play hotel accommodations are made available on the booking portal once registration for the event closes, if not sooner. Stay2Play hotel accommodations are carefully selected to ensure quality and best available rates. A sufficient number of hotel properties are available for visiting teams and/or event participants. Additional properties may be added to the Stay2Play Online portal on an ongoing basis, as needed.  Once a Stay2Play hotel property is sold out, it will be removed from the Stay2Play Online portal.