All visiting teams and/or event participants are required to stay only at Stay2Play hotel properties at published rates or advance purchase rates listed on the Stay2Play Online portal for each selected property and event in order to participate in the event.

All visiting teams and/or event participants are required to book hotel accommodation reservations only at listed Stay2Play hotel properties via the POG or online booking link provided for each property on the Stay2Play Online portal or by contacting the hotel directly via phone using the published booking code.

No other booking sites, discounts, points awards, special rates or programs, regardless of how obtained, will be accepted.

A minimum stay is required for all events. Typically, this is 3-nights as all visiting team members and event participants are required to arrive and check-in to their selected Stay2Play hotel property the day before the event begins and check-out before departing the day the event ends. 

Any questions, concerns, special requests, or instructions related to Stay2Play hotel accommodations should be directed only to the hotel or hotel contact listed on the Stay2Play Oline portal record.

Event Staff are not available to assist with Stay2Play hotel accommodations. Again, participants are directed to contact the Stay2Play hotel representative directly, using the information provided.

Participants who fail to follow these guidelines may be subject to disciplinary measures including, but not limited to, suspension or removal from the event, or other sanctions as determined by the organizers of the event. Should this occur, no refund of event registration or entry fees will be given.

Additional Stay2Play Information & Guidelines can be found below:

• Stay2Play hotel accommodations are carefully selected to ensure quality and best available rates. A sufficient number of hotel properties are available for visiting teams and/or event participants. Local individual players, families, attendees and/or local teams may also take advantage of the Stay2Play Online program and Stay2Play published or advance purchase rates at participating properties and will be subject to the same guidelines above.

• A number of room blocks have been established at participating properties. Individual properties may establish one or more room blocks based on available inventory. Size of room blocks may vary. Participating hotels may choose to establish a minimum initial block, that may or may not be sufficient to accommodate a particular team or teams. While every attempt is made to keep teams together, expansion of room blocks is solely at the hotel’s discretion.

• Availability and reservations are on a first come, first served basis. Property listings may be marked as unavailable or removed from the Stay2Play Online portal once available inventory is consumed.

• Reservations may be made only at participating hotels listed on the Stay2Play Online portal, either by using the provided electronic booking link or by contacting the hotel property representative listed on the Stay2Play portal record using the telephone number or email provided. If contacting the hotel directly, please ensure you provide one of the following: 1) the group booking code (if available) that may be found on the Stay2Play Online property listing; 2) event name; or 3) clearly indicate that you are with the event organizer’s group, the name of the event and the dates the event will be taking place. Again, no other reservation and/or booking methods, sites, discounts, special rates or award programs will be accepted.

• Special Stay2Play group rate(s) are established at each participating property. Rates may vary based on property type, room type, and/or availability and are exclusive of state and local taxes, fees and assessments.

• All room rates are published on each participating property’s Stay2Play Online listing page. Rates may be deemed advance purchase, meaning the guest must pay the entire room rate plus applicable taxes for the entire length of stay at the time of booking. If deemed advance purchase, all estimated room charges will be charged at time of reservation.

• All reservations, reservation deposits or advance purchase reservations are non-refundable unless granted/approved by the participating Stay-2-Play hotel property in certain emergency situations such as: cancellation of the event, local/state/federal mandate, participant injury or other valid medical reason, death or hospitalization of a member of the participant’s immediate family, or natural disaster or state of emergency in the participant’s home/home city, or natural disaster or state of emergency in the event/event organizer’s destination city. All refund requests (except those related to local/state/federal governmental mandate, natural disaster or state of emergency) must be made in writing (via email) and be accompanied by valid documentation (e.g. doctor’s note for injury or illness).

• Unless otherwise noted, participants are not guaranteed a complimentary guestroom(s) or room night(s), nor are requests for a complimentary guestroom(s) or room night(s) accepted. Eligibility for complimentary guestroom(s) or room night(s) may be determined based on a number of factors and made according to policy on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the event organizer and each participating Stay2Play Online hotel property.

•  Room, tax and all incidentals will be paid by individuals.

• Room types are not guaranteed and provided at the discretion of the individual property.  All rooms are subject to availability.

• Additional properties may be added to the Stay2Play Online portal on an ongoing basis, as needed. In some cases, up to 48 hours prior to the start of the tournament.